Mandala weaving workshops encourage self exploration and mindfulness through crafts. The aim is to enhance creative expression through the art of weaving and the acknowledgement of indigenous tradition. Why is that weaving has been such a big part in all indigenous traditions around the world? What is in weaving that help us connect with our self, with our heart and feel calm? 


Each workshops also includes:

  • Meditation & relaxation
  • Sound bath to calm the body & mind and enter into a more receptive space.  The sound sessions include instruments such as Tibetan singing Bowl, Crytal Bowls, Gong and Frame Drums. 


In these workshops we learn and enhance action from the heart instead of an intellectual or mechanic action. Being aware of ones way of expressing and creating lead into empowerment and self discovery.


 Discover and grow from within. Allow creativity to flow from your heart through your hands





Mandala workshops can be arranged in your home with a minimum of 5 participants. All Sydney Region and Blue Mountains area. If you live out of these are, please contact me for special request. We can arrange it!


If you are living in the Blue Mountains area, workshops will run in a weekly and monthly basis in Blackheath NSW.


Dates to come up very soon. Stay tuned on our Facebook page