The word mandala means circle or wheel in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language from the Vedas. A mandala is a representation of the universe; a reminder of the interconnection of all beings, unity and harmony. It's a cosmic diagram which is found everywhere we look in natures dynamics through it's geometry.  


Mandalas have been in history of humanity since long ago as a form to remember and find again the origin. The natural movements of nature and creation are in spiral, concentrical. Observe the shape of a cell, and atom, mother's womb, an eye, the spiral in a sunflower, the shape of our solar system.


These are some example of how nature create life and we are part of this. In order for us to remember and return to harmony within we required to go back to the source. Mandalas allow us to reconnect with the spiral of life and be reminded of the simplicity of life.  






A God's eye is a weaved mandala They originally come from the Huichol culture in Mexico.

The Huichol believed that crafting an object is a way to get in touch with the spiritual world. For protection from the uncertainties of the future, the Huichol make decorative, ceremonial shields with coloured yarn and sticks. These shields are called God's eyes because through them the Gods will keep a watchful eye over the person.

A God's eye is also weaved as part of a ritual when there is a new born baby. The center of the God's eye is weaved just as the baby is born, then every year it will be weaved one more color section until the baby turns 5 years of age. Then the God'e eye is completed and offered in ceremony as is believed that only then the child will start to be more autonomous.


Learn more about the Huichol culture or watch this beautiful documentary "Huicholes: The Last Peyote" to understand more about their life and cosmovision.


The world has known the work of the Huicoles for years, and wool God's eye have developed into intricate shapes. This work is by no means a mass production object. It has an spiritual depth that must be understood and respected. Mandalas help us to understand the importance of acquiring self knowledge. This is where the answer for the world suffering is, within.